How do I get my analog recording to you?
We no longer accept non-digital forms of recording for numerous reasons, not least of all how prone they are to getting lost along the way. Frankly, in this day and age, the vastly higher quality of digital recorders and their increasingly low cost means you really don't want to be using an analog recorder anyway.
How can I get the best audio recording possible?
Having clear, crisp audio recordings is the best way to ensure a 100% accurate transcript. Most importantly, record your audio in a quiet place. Background music, coffeeshop hustle and bustle, fans, street noise, and nearby conversations can make audio transcription particularly challenging. Utilize an external microphone to capture voices more clearly.
Do you only handle academic files?
Hardly! We transcribe a vast range of content, including broadcast television, corporate retreats, governmental seminars, sermons, NGO research, and industry conferences.
Do you have a standard NDA available?
Indeed, we have a fairly boilerplate NDA that covers the security of your files, confidentiality, disposal of transcripts and recordings, and affirmation of your ownership of all content. Please refer to X for a more complete description of how seriously we take information security.
Do you support translation services?
No, we don't currently offer multi-language translation services. Consider the fact that inaccuracy and errors are much more likely to arise in the translation process than in transcription. We would highly recommend you utilize a professional translation service that also offers transcription, instead of the other way around.
Are my files secure through online upload/download?
Your files are uploaded to a secure server run by Amazon Web Services, and our website uses SSL to ensure your information is protected.
Can I cancel an order?
Typically, it takes a full day for your project to get a cursory overview and parceled out to its assigned transcribers. If you have a change of heart within 1 day of submission, there will be no fee for cancellation. Each subsequent day will increase the cost of cancellation by 20% increments of the total project cost.
You claim to produce excellent quality files. What if I'm not satisfied with the quality?
While we've yet to have a client dissatisfied with the quality of their transcripts, we always offer to do a full round of review and editing if you feel your project fails to meet your expectations.
How are your rates so low?
You'd be surprised how high the profit margin can be for a transcription company that operates a Wal-Mart like model of disposable labor. At Scribe Collective, we are transcribers and editors, nothing else, so the entire cost of your project goes to paying a living wage to the people producing your transcript. Other than that, we have very little overhead, so we are able to keep our transcription rates low.
Can you handle big projects?
Absolutely! We can handle any size project thanks to our in-house team. Most companies rely on a contract transcriber pool that can’t commit in advance to a schedule since they work for several companies at the same time. And our diverse range of talent and backgrounds means your project will be assigned to whoever has the strongest background knowledge of your particular content.
How accurate are you?
We have applied the same standard under which our founders were trained, as transcribers of content for use in closed captioning of broadcast television. The gold standard for captions falls under the guidelines developed by DCMP (The Described and Captioned Media Program). Broadcast standards essentially expect minimal deviation from 100% accuracy, especially since all content should go through at least one round of editing by someone other than the transcriber. Keep that in mind next time you see a transcription company advertising merely 98-99% accuracy. The DCMP emphasizes accuracy, consistency, clarity, and readability.
How fast is your turnaround?
We offer two turnaround times: 3-5 business days or within 48 hours. Our rush delivery service is particularly cost-effective compared to competitors, thanks to our in-house staff. If time is of the essence, just let us know and you’ll have that transcript back before you know it.
What is the billing process?
We like to keep it simple. You’ll be invoiced via PayPal at the end of the project along with your completed transcripts. If you’re not satisfied with the end result, let us know and we’ll ensure it’s up to snuff.
How do I send you my files?
We like to make that easy as well. When you submit a project on our Upload Files page, you’ll just attach the files to the information form and upload away. Your files will be reviewed to assess any unique challenges and whether we have any follow-up questions, so we may be in contact. If not, we must be deep in the trenches of your project.
What’s the difference between Scribe Collective and larger companies?
While technology has slowly changed the industry, one thing has thus far remained true: transcription is an output of labor and time. The quality of your transcripts can only be as good as the people doing the work. Most companies are contractor mills, churning through hundreds of people every year whose only qualification is being a native speaker of English, hoping to find a few naturally talented individuals who will stay despite making little more than minimum wage. Our transcribers have undergraduate degrees at minimum, are recruited, trained, and vetted, and we pay them accordingly. You’ll see it in the high-quality transcripts you receive.

There is a 1GB upload limit, so if you have a very large project, just fire us an email at info@thescribecollective.com and we’ll set you up so you can upload directly to our FTP server.