About Us / Philosophy / Origins

While we have chosen to specialize in academic transcription, our company's origin is as a producer of transcripts for closed captioning of broadcast television shows. Many clients have been amazed at the accuracy of our work on even the most difficult projects, but that standard of quality is both expected and explicitly required for TV captions by federal regulation. From day one, the 99% accuracy gold standard aspired to by most transcription companies has been our minimum threshold.


Scribe Collective was founded to provide meaningful and self-enabling employment for our workers. We are a group of like-minded people working together to live out our common goals of social equality, commitment to local communities, living wages, and intellectual enrichment. There are no managers to speak of. In fact, we have only two job titles: transcriber and editor. Everyone contributes in a customer service role as needed, and are assigned to work on the content most closely aligned to their interests and knowledge. The most important contributor to our stellar reputation is the simple fact that we truly have reason to take pride in our work.